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Jun 13, 2017 · The American Cancer Society (ACS) states that the five-year survival rate after diagnosis for people with stage 4 breast cancer is 22 percent. This percentage is considerably lower than at earlier stages. At stage 3, the five-year relative survival rate is 72 percent. At stage 2, it’s over 90 percent.Author: Robin Madell. The five-year survival rate for stage 4 breast cancer is 22 percent; median survival is three years. Annually, the disease takes 40,000 lives. As with primary breast cancer, treatment for stage 4 breast cancer, such as chemotherapy or radiation, can often be harsh and unforgiving.

Sep 25, 2017 · Breast cancer survival rates, by stage. The 5-year relative survival rate for stage III breast cancers is about 72%. But often, women with these breast cancers can be treated successfully. Breast cancers that have spread to other parts of the body are more difficult to Last Revised: February 7, 2019. May 08, 2018 · Myunderstanding is that at stage 4 you can apply for PIP without having to wait six months a benefit worth £120 per week will open up some quality of life choices. (In the last year Debs has had three different chemo treatments and one targeted therapy.