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Nov 14, 2014 · “Do I Sound Gay?” is a new documentary opening up at this weekend’s DOC NYC festival.It attempts to answer the question that many of us are hesitant to ask: Why do some gay men “sound” gay — that is, speak in a manner of speech in which others are more likely to view the speaker as being a homosexual male.Author: Dana Dovey. Nov 09, 2015 · JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA—The notion of a “gay lisp”—an offensive stereotype to many people—has been a confusing phenomenon for linguists. For .

Mar 17, 2015 · Why do so many gay men speak with a lisp? Unanswered. I have never understood why there is a much higher concentration of men with lisps in the gay population than there are in the straight population. For most of them I don't think it is an actual speech impediment but rather a cultural thing that gay men have adopted. Is there a history to. Feb 20, 2008 · I notice so many gay men speak in an effiminate tone of voice and lisp alot. I am not trying to sound like an *** here, and I am not a "hater" but as a straight man, this phoenomenon has always vexed me. I know guys who "turned out to be gay" and they all have the lisp now. Funny thing is that when we were all kids, none of them spoke this way..or liked showtunes for that matter!Followers: 1.

ELI5: Why do some gay men "sound" gay, I.E have some sort of gay accent (serious). Explained I've seen this question posted on ELI5 before (1 year ago and 3 years ago) but I didn't see any serious explanations in the other threads, only jokes and opinions. Dr. Ziegler responded: Most don't. Lisps are independent of sexuality but when we see a gay man with a lisp it fits a stereotype fostered and reinforced by video entertainment and other societal conveyances just as when we see a straight man with a lisp we associate him with accountants, nerds, or something similar. Nevertheless when gay men come out some adopt speech patterns and mannerisms.

We'll look at English today, and stereotypes for gay men only. "Gay voice", for the purpose of this post, is the kind of voice other people will perceive as making the speaker more likely to be gay.